£2k for Autism Somerset

Autism Somerset has been awarded the sum of £2k from the Somerset Learning Disability Development Fund to improve autism awareness, communications and access to support throughout Somerset and adjoining counties.

Founder of thje project Campbell Main said:

“We expect our project to improve the understanding of autism, and commonly occurring co-existing conditions, including learning disabilities throughout Somerset.”

Valuing People Now sets out the Government’s strategy for people with learning disabilities (LD) for the next three years following consultation. It also responds to the main recommendations in Healthcare for All, the independent inquiry into access to healthcare for people with LD.

In keeping with VPN principles, Autism Somerset has a cross spectrum, cross sector, cross agency, membership, linked by a developing website and associated e-bulletins, supporting the family, professional and provider alike. Our information is free and available to all 24/7.

Our signposting website is focussed on autism within Somerset and adjoining counties.