Somerset County Council approves more cuts……

Families affected by autism and/ or Learning Disability and those who support them, will be affected by the County Councils intention “to improve the budget management of SCC placement budgets” and to  “reorganize the management et of the Mental Health Social Work service” .

After five years of cuts Learning Disability services, are to lose over £500,000..

Reconfiguration of the Mental Health Social Work Service, already under way, will affect Asperger families, potentially for the better.. if

properly funded and managed .

“Bundled with these changes are “recurrent savings of £956,000” for the County Council at the expense of Somerset Partnerships Mental Health services

Readers with a professional interest in these matters may like to read, and reflect upon, papers put before  Cabinet on 8 February 2016 .

These are presented in detail in paper B Appendix (Civ) and  an appendix entitled  Equality Impact Assessment and Action Table.