Ask autism online training

The Ask autism online training suite published by the National Autistic Society has been developed and delivered by people on the autism spectrum. It provides an ‘insiders’ perspective of autism to give you a unique understanding of how people on the autism spectrum would like to be understood and supported. Read more »

Autism: Receiving and understanding a diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of autism can be difficult and confusing for young people and their families. In this DVD, produced by the Autism Education Trust (AET), a group of young people on the autism spectrum share their experiences of receiving a diagnosis. Read more »

Front-line Leaders programme

The National Skills Academy for Social Care runs this programme, which helps front-line workers to develop leadership skills to drive innovation and service improvement. There are two new cohorts of this programme taking place from November. Read more »

Our Lives in Your Hands

Our Lives in Your Hands tells the stories of nine families affected by autism. The report sets out the families stories and highlights how the reforms proposed in the Children and Families Bill will impact them. Read more »

Adult safeguarding elearning

The adult safeguarding elearning resource produced by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) demonstrates how safeguarding issues can develop and ways of dealing with them. Read more »

Managing Anxiety

This training workshop delivered by the Royal College of Psychiatrists training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for problems such as generalised anxiety, panic disorder and phobias. Read more »

Managing Depression

This training workshop delivered by the Royal College of Psychiatrists provides training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for low mood and depression. Read more »

Introduction to CBT

This training workshop delivered by the Royal College of Psychiatrists provides an introduction to the principles and practice of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Read more »

Schools Report 2012

Ambitious about Autism has brought together a range of key statistics that illustrate how schools are performing for children and young people with autism in 2012. Read more »

Autism skills and knowledge list

The list, developed jointly by Skills for Care, Skills for Health and the National Autistic Society, enables individual workers, or services and teams, to work out whether they have the knowledge and skills needed to provide a good service to people who have autism. Read more »

National Autism Standards

A set of standards, published by the Autism Education Trust, to enable educational settings to evaluate their practice in addressing the needs of pupils on the autism spectrum. Read more »

Tourette Syndrome: Key facts for teachers

Tourettes affects the person with the condition much more than it affects those around them. This leaflet provides key fact about Tourettes Syndrome to help teachers better understand what the condition is like for them. Read more »

Understand autism seminar booklet

This booklet accompanies the Autism seminars for families – facilitator resource pack containing practical advice and information and including space to make notes during seminars. Read more »

My own place

This report provides practical tools and advice to help young people with disabilities and their families have good information and be supported to plan so that they have equal access to housing opportunities. Read more »

Autism in General Practice

The Autism in General Practice course, provided by the Royal College of General Practitioners, enables GPs to improve the care and practice they provide for patients with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Read more »