Accredited introduction to autistic spectrum condition (including Asperger’s syndrome)

This Open College course (unit code 2-GB6-039) is for anyone working with adults or children with autism during the course of their work but has had no formal training.

All those successfully completing the day will receive one credit at Open College Network level 2. This course can also be delivered ‘In House’ to a group of up to 20 staff.


  • recognise the main characteristics of behaviours of people with autism
  • understand the triad of impairment
  • compare different individuals with autistic spectrum condition (ASC) in order to appreciate the range of the spectrum
  • appreciate the particular differences of using and understanding language with people with ASC
  • understand the need to back up spoken language visually, to help people understand
  • appreciate the importance of routine and predictability in the lives of people with ASC
  • understand the complexity of social interaction, and
  • appreciate the sensory differences of people with ASC.

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