Autism skills and knowledge list

Autism skills and knowledge listEvery health or social care service should be ready to provide services to people with autism, or to their families or others who care for them.

The Autism skills and knowledge list has been developed jointly by Skills for Care, Skills for Health and the National Autistic Society to help enhance awareness of autism and improve skills among workers in generic health and social care services. This work is part of a wider range of on-line training resources funded by the Department of Health to increase awareness and understanding of autism across all public services.

The list enables individual workers, or services and teams, to work out whether they have the knowledge and skills needed to provide a good service to people who have autism.

It will also be useful for people who are arranging or providing training to workers. This may include people with no knowledge and experience of autism, as well as those with existing knowledge about autism including lived personal experience of having autism or being a family carer to a person with autism.

The list was developed in consultation with over two thousand people including health and social care professionals, commissioners and managers and around 150 people who have autism and over 800 family carers. They took part by completing a survey, attending focus groups or commenting on draft materials.

Professionals in the training field may also find an accompanying document, Implementing the autism skills and knowledge list through staff training and development, useful in helping them to co-ordinate future activity in this area.

A further product Getting it right for people with autism – the research behind the “Autism skills and knowledge list”, that describes the process followed to develop the skills list is now available.