Early Help Commissioning Strategy 2015-18

Early Help Commissioning Strategy 2015-18This strategy outlines a vision for the effective provision of integrated early help services across Somerset, supporting families with children aged between 0-19.

The overall aims of the Early Help Commissioning Strategy are:

  • To improve family life, so that all families are confident in caring for their children
  • To raise achievement, so that all children achieve their potential
  • To improve health and well being
  • For all children to be safe within their families and communities

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These aims will be achieved through the delivery of integrated, district based services: five multi-agency teams will provide a broad range of services, supporting families with children aged between 0-19.

The rationale is that a more joined-up and evidence-based approach to early help will reduce demand for acute services, therefore resulting in better outcomes and reduced costs to the whole system.

Through the commissioning process we aim to stimulate the early help market in Somerset, ensuring a mixed, sustainable economy and making the market accessible to potential new providers. We have begun to map existing services and will engage with service users and providers in order to identify gaps and produce a market position statement.