Introduction to CBT

This training workshop delivered by the Royal College of Psychiatrists provides an introduction to the principles and practice of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

CBT is a flexible treatment that uses the clinical relationship to promote lasting changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

In this training workshop you will learn how to assess individuals for CBT, explain how it works and apply a range of evidence-based practical skills. You will also develop an awareness of the guided self help resources available when time is limited and who to refer for further input. The focus is on adult patients with common clinical problems such as depression, anger and anxiety.

This workshop can be attended as a stand alone day, or as a spring board into more disorder-specific workshop days on managing depression and anxiety which develop different skills.

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Content includes:

  • What is psychotherapy?
  • What is CBT?
  • Evidence base and NICE recommendations
  • Common myths about CBT
  • Judging suitability for CBT
  • Assessing a patient using the five areas approach
  • Applying the skills of guided discovery
  • CBT change techniques

Study methods

Interactive presentation, DVD clips, practical exercises, pair work, humour, quotation, analogy, quiz.