Managing Anxiety

This training workshop delivered by the Royal College of Psychiatrists training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for problems such as generalised anxiety, panic disorder and phobias.

Anxiety affects one in six individuals, and is very commonly found alongside other mental and physical disorders.

This workshop teaches you how to help patients modify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that are inadvertently maintaining their anxiety. It will also help you to decide when to refer patients for joint or further working by other professionals within or outside of your own clinical team.

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Content includes

  • CBT Overview: What is it? Who is suitable?
  • Clinical assessment of ‘stress’ and anxiety
  • NICE guidelines for anxiety
  • CBT for generalised anxiety disorder
  • Graded exposure for phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Cognitive therapy for panic disorder
  • Facilitating motivation for change
  • Using self help resources

Study methods

Interactive presentation, DVD clips, practical exercises, pair work, humour, quotation, analogy, quiz.