“One in a Hundred”

Autistica are pleased to launch their “One in a Hundred” report, sharing the experiences and views of over 1000 parents and individuals with autism. They report their findings about living with autism, experiences with the UK health system, and families’ research priorities.

Autistica believe that:-

” it is unacceptable that 94 percent of parents worry about the future of their child with autism, and that 75 percent of adults with autism report that there is insufficient help for their difficulties. A third of respondents had tried interventions they knew had no evidence base, demonstrating both the level of desperation and the lack of options currently available. And, across the board, parents and adults with autism wish that diagnosis had come sooner.”


The report demonstrates that families and individuals with autism feel positive about medical research, with a significant percentage agreeing that there is a need for a greater scientific understanding of autism. The majority of people Autistica spoke to also wanted to participate in research. People felt that more medical research would make a positive difference to their lives.


Wallace, S., Parr, J., and Hardy, A. (2013). One in a Hundred: putting families at the heart of autism research. Autistica.

Autistica funds pioneering medical research to understand the causes of autism, improve diagnosis, and develop new treatments and interventions and are the UK’s leading autism medical research charity.They are committed to funding translatable research that will make a difference to people’s lives….

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