Transforming care: A national response to Winterbourne View Hospital

The final report following the abuse of people with a learning disability at Winterbourne View sets out a programme of action to transform services so that vulnerable people no longer live inappropriately in hospitals and are cared for in line with best practice.

The government has committed to an 18-month programme to reduce the number of people with a learning disability who are being sent away to assessment and treatment units like Winterbourne View, and return as many people as possible to their communities.

Local health providers will have six months to prepare individual care plans for people currently in assessment and treatment units and a further 12 months to find ways for people to be cared for in their communities.

The report outlines 60 actions to transform services and the ways that people with a learning disability receive support and care. Among its actions, are:

  • A commitment to move anyone inappropriately being cared for in a hospital to community-based support by June 2014.
  • Bringing forward plans to hold the senior managers, directors and board members of care organisations accountable for the quality of care that their organisation provides by spring 2013.
  • Introducing high-quality care and support services in all areas by April 2014, including joint plans that meet best practice guidance for those who have behaviour described as challenging.
  • Issuing new guidance on the use of restraint.
  • Involving people with a learning disability and their families in decisions about care and support.