Working with adults with autism

This e-learning module, developed by the British Pschological Society (BPS), has been designed to support psychological work with adults with autism.

This includes psychological asessment, formulation and treatment, but also covers areas such as training and consultation. It includes information about mental health difficulties experienced by people with autism.

It is designed for those with some understanding of autism to develop knowledge and skills for working with adults with autism experiencing psychological and mental health problems. These may include practitioner psychologists and psychological therapists, for example counsellors, CBT therapists, and IAPT workers who may be required to offer psychological support to adults with autism.

If you have little or no prior knowledge of autism is is advised that you complete the first two modules in this series: Building awareness of adult autism and Supporting adults with autism.

Access Working with adults with autism

The course suggests ways of working and reasonable adjustments that psychological therapists can make to their practice to enable people with autism to access services as close to the standard offered to people without autism. The course also recommends ways to adapt existing models of therapeutic intervention to meet the needs of people with autism.

Course framework:

  • Identifying whether an adult has autism
  • Assessing psychological problems in adults with autism
  • Psychological formulation and autism – case studies
  • Psychological interventions to support adults with autism