Working with people with autism: the autistic perspective

In this film, produced by the Social Care Institute for Excellence, we see how Scott, a man with autism and learning disabilities, and Marie, a professor with Asperger’s Syndrome, learn to make sense of society, with the support of colleagues and family members.

Watch the film via Social Care TV

Key messages for practice

  1. Autism affects people in a huge variety of ways.
  2. Professionals and others need to have empathy and to understand the perspective of the person with autism.
  3. People with autism who are in employment often need some additional support.
  4. Professionals should use the expertise of the person with autism and their family when providing support.
  5. Good communication with people with autism is vital. This includes recognising behaviour triggers, using visual prompts and speaking in short, clear sentences.
  6. Society disables people with autism, so we all need to make adjustments to include them.