Getting a diagnosis

Approach your GP
Make an appointment with your GP. It can help to take along to your GP a list of behaviours and characteristics that make you suspect your child has autism. Also any information from your child’s school.

Your GP should refer you for a specialist assessment with a specialist service, which can help establish what is causing your child’s difficulties.

Specialist assessment
A specialist assessment is usually undertaken by a team of professionals from different disciplines. The assessment is designed to identify and diagnose autism. A formal diagnosis is the way to access the provision that your child needs.

What to do you are unable to get a referral?

  • Consult the Autism Services Directory: The National Autistic Society provide an Autism Services Directory ( which lists professionals who have given their details as being experienced in diagnosis.
  • Contact the Autism Helpline: The National Autistic Society provide an Autism Helpline on 0845 070 4004. Lines are open Monday to Friday 10am-4pm.
  • Understand how to make a complaint: The National Autistic Society has written an explanation of how to complain if you are unable to get a referral to a professional able to diagnose autism.