Autistic intelligence

Autistic intelligence is a loosely affiliated not-for-profit educational social enterprise comprised of worldwide experts in aspects of autism dedicated to a global recognition and accommodation of autistic intelligence.

The group consists of writers, educators, therapists, researchers and campaigners.  Many of the group are all of those things, and there’s something else that marks the group out from those who claim to know about the autism spectrum – it’s that all have personal experience.  Some are on the spectrum, some are parents of children on the spectrum,  some partners and some have autism in the family.

The group is set up as a not-for-profit educational social enterprise.  We’re not sponsored, not funded, and don’t take donations. We just try to cover our costs.

Autistic Intelligence is a think tank which can offer support, training materials, recorded and live presentations, consultancy, course design and can even arrange a conference or set up a research project. 

Telephone: 07971 471 617