Lisa Masters, training provider

Lisa Masters provides training which helps learners to understand the ‘what is’ with the crucial ‘how to’ support and work with older teenagers and adults with Asperger syndrome/autism spectrum disorders.

Lisa provides ways of understanding the world of autism through a range of pragmatic tools such as a visualisation exercise, questionnaires from our perspectives as neurotypicals. She links this information to the Triad of Impairments and other cognitive theories to help others to relate and recall the information.

Lisa also facilitates training for anyone interested and providing support for people with AS/ASD, including parents/carers, whole staff teams and professionals from any background. Following training she can provide supervision or casework management which assists in translating the information for more complex cases or for ongoing support and review.

Contact: Lisa Masters, Occupational Therapist & Training Facilitator
Telephone: 07979 273662