Dr Lorna Wing OBE 1928-2014


We are sad to announce that Dr Lorna Wing, one of the founders of The National Autistic Society and a true pioneer, recently passed away.
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Support local research into autism and caring


Josie Steel, Clinical Psychologist in Training at the University of Bath, is seeking the views of people with Autism Spectrum Condition and their caregivers to inform research she is undertaking with with Rona Aldridge at the Bristol Autism Spectrum Service. Read more »

SINePost e-bulletin, May 2014


This month’s e-bulletin from Somerset Intelligence team at Somerset County Council includes features on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment summary report 2013/14, new data on levels of personal debt, and the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey: Illness and Disability. Read more »

Somerset: Our County – JSNA Summary 2013-14


This publication provides a summary of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, and includes topical facts and figures and overview of the key issues currently facing Somerset and the longer term priorities agreed by the Health and Wellbeing Board. Read more »

Autism in Pink


Autism in Pink is a European research project exploring the prevalence of autism amongst women in four participating countries. Read more »

Young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing survey


UK Youth is conducting a national survey of youth workers to complement other existing research on mental health. Read more »

The Welcome Lab

The Welcome Lab, part of the Faculty of Health, Education and Society at Plymouth University, works with families and individuals to find out about social, psychological and educational aspects of human behaviour. Read more »

Plymouth University needs your help in understanding autism


Plymouth University is seeking contributions from parents to a research project which aims to improve understanding, services and care for families of children with Autism Spectrum Conditions. Read more »

Evaluation of a Flexible Integrated Reading Support Tool


This project will evaluate the use of Open Book, new software that will help people with autistic spectrum disorders understand a wider range of written information. Read more »

Autistic intelligence

Autistic intelligence is a loosely affiliated not-for-profit educational social enterprise comprised of worldwide experts in aspects of autism dedicated to a global recognition and accommodation of autistic intelligence. Read more »

Autism Research to improve employment outcomes


The access project aims to improve employment outcomes for people with autism. Autism Research are working with employers, people with autism and the National Autistic Society’s Prospects service to develop this project. Read more »

Self injury project


A team of researchers from the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham conducted a survey of parents and carers of people with autism and learning disabilities in order to find out more about self-injury. Read more »

“One in a Hundred”


Autistica’s 2013 report, shares the experiences of over 1000 parents and individuals with autism. Many families and individuals with autism feel positive about medical research and ninety percent agree that there is a need for a greater scientific understanding. Read more »

Consultation about Specialist Autism Teams


The National Autistic Society is currently working with researchers at The University of York to determine the effectiveness of specialist teams in supporting adults with autism. Have your say by competing a short survey. Read more »

Autism in maturity project


Autism in Maturity is a new National Autistic Society project to support adults with autism (including Asperger syndrome) as they move into middle and older age. Read more »

Autism Spectrum Disorders


This article explores current diagnostic criteria and prevalence rates for autism spectrum disorders and stresses how important it is for primary care professionals to be familiar with this information. Read more »

Future research priorities


Research Autism and the Centre for Research in Autism would like your help to prioritise research. Please take their survey. Read more »

Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders


Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders includes articles and reviews with a primary focus on applied topics such as diagnosis, incidence and prevalence, methods of evaluating treatment effects, and a range of interventions. Read more »

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders


The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders is the leading peer-reviewed, scholarly periodical focusing on all aspects of autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities. Read more »

Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities


Published on behalf of the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, this journal covers many aspects of learning disabilities including autism. Read more »

Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities


Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities is an international journal which provides practical elements of management, treatment, planning, and education for persons with autism and pervasive developmental disorders. Read more »

Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews


Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews provides a focus for communication among neuroscientists, geneticists, neurodevelopmental pediatricians, and behavioral scientists interested in clinical or basic science research in aspects of brain development and function. Read more »

Brain Bank for Autism

Brain Bank for Autism supports post-mortem research into brain development and autism by making brain tissue available to qualified researchers worldwide. Read more »

Autism – the International Journal of Research and Practice


International journal which provides a major international forum for research of direct and practical relevance to improving the quality of life for individuals with autism or autism-related disorders. Read more »

Autism Research Institute

The Autism Research Institute is a US-based organisation which conducts research, and disseminates the results of research, on the causes of autism and on methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating autism. Read more »

Autism Research and Treatment


Autism Research and Treatment is an open access journal covering various aspects of autism Read more »

Journal of the International Society for Autism Research


International journal which provides information about research to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism or autism-related disorders. Read more »

Autism Data


An online research tool for anyone researching autism and Asperger syndrome. Read more »

Autism Diagnostic Research Centre

(ADRC) provides an interdisciplinary diagnostic and assessment service for children, young people and adults suspected of having autism spectrum disorder. Read more »

Music therapy and autistic spectrum conditions

Therapy in the form of music can facilitate positive changes in the behaviour and well being of people on the autistic spectrum. A music therapist shares his experiences and talks about the benefits his profession can bring. Read more »