This section lists organisations and groups which support the involvement of people with autism, their families and carers.

AWARES Conference Centre

The AWARES Conference Centre allows you to have the unique opportunity to put your questions directly to the autism experts. Read more »

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education

The Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE) is an independent centre, set up in 1982, actively supporting inclusive education as a human right of every child. Read more »

College Inclusion Charter


The College Inclusion Charter aims to support further education providers to improve their offer to young people with autism and other disabilities. Read more »

Commissioning for Community Inclusion: Eight Essential Actions


The Commissioning for Community Inclusion report shows how Commissioners can help make sure that services help people to live good lives in their communities. Read more »

Council For Disabled Children

The Council For Disabled Children aims to embrace everyone who plays a partnership role in the lives of disabled children. Read more »

Creating inclusive colleges for learners with autism

‘Creating inclusive colleges for learners with autism’ is a new guide for colleges that has been developed as part of the Finished at School campaign. Read more »

Diverse perspectives


This report published by the National Autistic Society explores the challenges for families affected by autism from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in England. Read more »

Every Disabled Child Matters

Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) is a campaign to get rights and justice for every disabled child. Read more »

Improving inclusion: getting inclusive education right for children with autism


This paper published by TreeHouse presents parents’ and children’s experiences and views of inclusive education and recommend ways in which inclusion can continue to be improved. Read more »

It involves us


This guidance produced by the National Autistic Society aimes to help local authorities better involve people with autism in their local planning and implementation. Read more »

Participation Works Partnership

The South West Participation Workers Network is supported by the Regional Youth Work Unit and brings together workers from Cornwall up to Gloucester. Read more »

Practical guides for health and wellbeing boards


A series of learning resources have been launched to support the establishment of well-functioning health and wellbeing boards. Read more »

Second National Personal Budget Survey


This report highlights the findings of the Second National Personal Budget Survey into the impact of personal budgets in most people’s lives. Read more »

Social inclusion training pack

The Social inclusion training pack is a suite of tools and approaches that staff teams and organisations can use to help achieve better outcomes for people. Read more »

Supporting adults with autism


This e-learning module, developed by the British Pschological Society (BPS) will find help you to consider how you can best support someone with autism. Read more »