This section provides access to a range of training materials to support improved awareness and knowledge about working with people affected by autism. We also offer details of training events and workshops and groups and organisations which provide specific autism training for parents, carers and professionals.

Understanding autism

Basic autism awareness training for parents, carers and staff who need an understanding of autism in their role.

The resources in this section will help you to better identify signs of autism, know how to make reasonable adjustments and communicate effectively.

Practical knowledge

Practical knowledge, hands-on tools and techniques for staff working directly with children on the autism spectrum, including teachers, health professionals and employers.

The resources in this section will help to better understand the experiences of people with autism, how to involve and enable people to participate effectiveley, and how to safeguard children and adults at risk.

Specialist knowledge

For all staff who need further specialist knowledge about autism and / or who wish to take on a training role.

This includes specialist training for key staff, General Practitioners, Generic health and social care professionals, Mental health professionals (Community mental health teams, Psychiatrists, Psychological therapists) and Social care professionals (Community care assessors, Social workers).