Online Courses

Welcome to the start of our adventure into online learning!

In April, we launched our 1st e-learning “Introduction to Autism” course as part of World Autism Week. 

This course was designed as a help for parents and autism novices to share key information and guidance on the subject. 

We are calling it a course but we want this to be more than that – it has been our vision to create a platform where you are able to spend time with us, from the comfort of your own space.

Perhaps nothing can replace face to face conversations but we wanted to do our best to replicate this in an online environment. We’d love to make this course more like mentoring or a conversation with you, as we sense we share the same journey as you, in wanting to be the best we can be at supporting those with autism.

It is Autism Somerset’s mission to create short courses (1 hour maximum) that share as much as possible of our accumulated knowledge and helpful information, that we have gathered over the past years. 

As this is only the beginning of our e-learning journey, this first course is more of an introductory session. However we already have several other exciting courses in the pipeline, which will be available within the next months, so watch this space. 

We hope you’ll be joining us soon so we can welcome you to our online learning community!

Our best wishes, Allison Ward x

To access our course, please apply below.  (As part of World Autism Awareness Week, we decided to do a special offer of unlimited access to this course for the next 3 months. We’ve reduced the cost from £20 to £10 for this period only.) 


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