Autism Somerset, with the help of local volunteers ,and an offer of six months IT support, is resuming  operations, discontinued in October 2014, as a result of public sector cuts .

Over the next few weeks, we aim to

  • update, and reconfigure, our website
  • revive our monthly e-bulletins and associated calendar of events
  • enlarge our “membership“

This work will take account of continuing legislative and institutional change.

Our vision remains the same:-

The Somerset Autism Community Network, known as Autism Somerset, is dedicated to the needs of all those affected by autism.

Our  website, a directory and calendar of events is, supported by monthly e-bulletins,

We have three categories of subscriber .

  • Individuals and their families
  • Health, Education  and Social Care professionals
  • Providers of support and care

We aim to connect individuals affected by autism, with professionals and providers, in public, private and voluntary sectors of health, education and social care…

Our long term future depends upon securing core funding from our beneficiaries.

Campbell Main   Founder                         campbell.main@autismsomerset.org.uk

Alison Ward       Director designate          allison.ward@autismsomerset.org.uk